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Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone threatens the heart of Limpopo, South Africa.

“If Mupo (all of nature, including the cosmos) is going to be contaminated in this way, the Creator and our Ancestor spirits will forsake us. The damaging impact will be irrevocable.” – Wemoon (Makhadzi) Vho Mphatheleni Makaulule, Dzomo La Mupo (The Voice of Mupo).

A video for Earthlife Africa (Johannesburg) describing the cultural and environmental impact of a coal-fired power station and multiple metallurgical plants proposed for the culturally and biologically rich Vhembe Region.

Client Feedback

“We are extremely happy with the end product, which is a 6-minute video titled The Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone threatens the Heart of Limpopo. The editing, illustrations, narration, final narration script and soundtrack are all excellent. We were also impressed with the commitment to detail and research conducted by the producers to ensure an impactful and appropriate film. The producers were a pleasure to work with and all collaboration and contractual management issues were handled professionally, promptly, and ethically.” ~ Makoma Lekalakala, Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, May 2021

Community Supported Agriculture : towards a just food system

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative food system that connects consumers to farmers through an intermediary logistics organiser.

Claire Rousell was part of a CSA initiative based in Johannesburg for two years and this video was our first collaborative effort.

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INOFO Food Systems Summit Dialogues 2021 – Asia Presentation Part 3

Extract of conveners presenting at the INOFO Food Systems Summit Dialogues.

Graphic harvesting sessions are recorded during or after live online events using audio and video recordings. The resulting product is loaded on social media platforms as a visual document to engage and encourage discussion.

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Details of graphic harvesting posters by Claire Rousell.

Graphic harvesting posters & illustrations are generated in response to thematic content or at live events such as workshops, conferences and strategic planning processes.