EarthDrawn Media Productions is a graphic harvesting project for environmental and social regeneration started by Claire Rousell (Stories of Seed) & katty vandenberghe (kindEarth_intentions) in 2021, combining our respective skill sets, experience and activism to co-create conscientious and impactful messaging.

Claire Rousell (Stories of Seed)

Claire Rousell

Claire is an artist, writer, activist and researcher focused on the intersection of extractivism, food sovereignty, social justice and art. Her work takes a variety of forms including graphic harvesting, animation, poetry, and she is currently completing a Masters in Environmental Humanities at the University of Cape Town (2022). She believes that graphic harvesting and animated live drawing are powerful educational tools that have a special way of helping us to visualise the challenges and opportunities we face in organisations and social movements.

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katty vandenberghe (kindEarth_intentions)

katty vandenberghe

katty has worked as an animator for the past decade or so, primarily in the visual arts arena, and with a background in the design, communications and publishing industry. She is a digital creative and media activist who cares about social and environmental issues in how they intersect with, and impact on each other. As an activist she has worked in the LGBTQI+ and gender space. As a visual artist she has worked in the land and nature art space in a deliberate effort to reawaken conscientiousness and connectedness with our natural world. As an educator she has had the opportunity to teach across the visual arts, graphic design, visual communications, film and animation industries. katty graduated in 1988 with a degree in natural sciences and stopped short of completing a degree at fourth level in visual arts in 2014.

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