Animated live drawing videos, graphic harvesting and illustrations for workshops, conferences and awareness-raising campaigns.

We offer creative and insightful graphic harvesting services for online and on-site events with a variety of video and still image outputs that can be used for educational and awareness-raising purposes.

With a detailed budget and production schedule we work from concept development through to final production on animated live drawing videos, focused on supporting and strengthening your campaign messaging.

To date we have collaborated on four video projects – covering community supported agriculture, the impacts of the fossil fuel industry, animal rights and online graphic harvesting for an international conference on food security.

What is Graphic Harvesting?

Graphic Harvesting, also called Sketchnoting or Visual Harvesting, involves live drawing and annotation during event presentations on large sheets of paper.

Key points of the presentation are documented in a visual format that is engaging and vibrant. These posters are photographed and used as visual aids for recollection or further discussion, or repurposed for use in printed materials such as meeting room posters or annual reports.

Find out more by visiting the Stories of Seed website.

What is Animated Live Drawing?

Animated Live Drawing describes the process of filming an illustration as it is drawn. The resulting footage is edited and synchronised with a narration track, musical score and, if applicable, sound effects.

Please visit our media page to view the end result.